Buying and Selling Lakewood Condos


Fixed Rate Loans in Lakewood

Advantages: As indicated earlier, predictability is the biggest incentive for choosing a fixed-rate loan for your Lakewood real estate mortgage.

Disadvantages: Fixed rate loans usually come with higher interest than the start up interest rate on a fixed loan. Down payments for your Lakewood on conventional, fixed-rate loans are usually higher than the down payment required for an ARM.


Lakewood Real Estate...Homeowners Insurance

Lakewood real estate Insurance costs can vary by hundreds of dollars depending on the insurance company from which you buy your policy. There are different types of policies that differ in the amount of coverage they provide. The most popular type is called HO-3. This kind of policy offers Area property protection and liability insurance. Lakewood real estate or property protection means that you will be reimbursed for losses or damages to the house and its contents. Liability Insurance protects you against personal liability, medical payments for injuries to others and damage to other people’s property. There are policies with more extensive coverage and are usually called “deluxe” or “executive” policies. If you do major remodeling to your home, make sure you upgrade your coverage. If you have an office in your home, you might want to consider special insurance for your computer equipment.


Lakewood Home Improvement

Don't underestimate how much projects will cost. Expenses usually are added, not subtracted. Homeowners, even Lakewood homeowners, routinely go 20% to 30% over budget. Remember, it is common to under budget cost and time.

When remodeling for resale, don't waste time with renovations that won't pay off. If you must have a pool, you still may have to lower your expectations on who will be interested in buying. The National Association of Realtors/Remodeling magazine study has identified four renovations that show the greatest return at resale: improvements to siding, windows, kitchens and bathrooms. Remember you have a lot invested in Lakewood.


Lakewood Home Buying Pitfalls

Buying your Lakewood home whether you are a first time buyer or an ‘Old Pro’ involves legal, financial and emotional considerations. The more you know about the most common buyer mistakes in Lakewood, the more likely you are to avoid them.

Make sure that when you put in an offer on any Lakewood home that you have spent time narrowing down just what you are looking for. When the sellers accept your offer, you are involved in a binding contract that could cost you your deposit and other damages should you decide to back out. The opposite scenario, waiting for the 100 % perfect home can be an exercise in futility. With the thousands of variables available in housing, including location, style, size, amenities and condition, perfection is almost always an unreasonable goal.


Lakewood. How Much Should You Offer?

A good starting premise is that everyone wants to buy a home for thousands of dollars under market and when the time comes, to sell that home for thousands of dollars over market. This is basic human nature. When you are in the position of making an offer on Lakewood real estate property there are certain facts you need to know.

Is it a Buyer’s Market or a Seller’s Market? In a Buyer’s Market conditions favor the buyer. Lakewood real estate listings are plentiful, home sales are declining or stagnant. In a Seller’s Market the opposite is true. There are more buyers looking for homes than there are homes available. Your low-price offer is far more likely to succeed in a Buyer’s Market than in a Seller’s Market. How do you know what kind of a market exists? Ask your REALTOR, read the newspaper, check online.


Buying Lakewood Below Market

While the perfect Lakewood option at the right price might come on the market within a couple of weeks, don’t expect that kind of time frame. You must be prepared to wait months for right property, and the Lakewood is no exception. Remember, most sellers tend to ask MORE than their property is worth, not less so bargains don’t pop up every day. Often times, homes that are on the market for too long a period of time will come down in price as the homeowners get tired of having their house for sale but unless the seller is really pressed, home prices tend to come down is small increments unless there is an unfortunate circumstance that might cause the homeowner to price the Lakewood under market for the specific purpose of getting a fast sale.